Using G Suite for Education

I am lucky enough to have a principal who really believes in the use of technology as a tool in the classroom.   Three years ago, I was the first classroom in my school to have enough Chromebooks for all my students.  That was also the year that Google Classroom was released.  My students know that they are guinea pigs for any new trend in technology and I learn so much from them as I give them free reign to discover the inner workings of any tools that we use.  I started doing this years ago with Prezi, and have since used it with Google Sites, Classroom and Google Drive.  In the end, I always end up with classroom experts to whom all the questions go. I am also often interrupted by other teachers who borrow my experts to teach their class or to help out other students. On this page, I am hoping to blog about my experiences with G Suite for Education and post any information that people might find helpful.