A funny thing happened on the way to this blog!

Well, school happened. Life happened. My Chromebook happened too.  I found it really difficult to update the blog using my Chromebook, so when I was given the option to go to a Laptop, I took it.  Not just for my blog, but for a few other reasons as well.  I loved my Chromebook, but I found that there were often issues with some sites that did not have a Chrome extension that worked or none at all.  Every year, I forget how much work it is and how much marking I have to do.  I love teaching and being involved in my school, but it does not leave a tonne of downtime.

I also had to decide in which direction my career was going.  I am at the point that my girls are out on their own, for the most part, and I needed to decide what I wanted to do to keep busy and content.  After much inner debate, and some outer debate too, I decided that 12 years was a rather long time to wait to retire and that I would get the paper to back up my knowledge and become qualified in Integrative Technology,  as Gwell as getting my Google Certified teacher qualifications.  I really want to teach other teachers and help them to use technology in their classrooms.  So, here I am, and there you go. Ms. Green